About FoodPioneers

We are a Worthing based non-profit food & nature enterprise working with local, regional and national partners to enrich our community through shared events and experiences.

The day-to-day running of We Are FoodPioneers is managed by Anne, Debs and Louise who are equally passionate about making a positive impact in our own community. Our directors have up to date DBS checks, food safety certificates and a wide range of education, life and work experiences which they bring to the organisation. See below for more information.

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Louise Breinholt

Louise brings a wealth of business experience to the team, having worked in marketing in the publishing industry for over 20 years, and then more recently in Learning & Development and Education. She is a passionate foodie but when not in the kitchen or classroom she loves hiking and spending time outdoors.

Anne Thwaites

Anne is passionate about the natural environment and bringing people together to celebrate nature and our connection with it. A real foodie and sustainability advocate, she enjoys learning new skills and deepening her understanding of our relationship with local food heritage while running projects for FoodPioneers.

Debs Butler

Debs is a people person and loves bringing people together for a common purpose. With extensive experience of developing partnerships and effective working relationships, she also brings organisational and events management skills to the team.  A trained beekeeper, sailing and meditation also help to keep her level headed.