Worthing Honey Collective: Bee Inspection Day...

Another round of 'Socially Distanced' Bee inspections this week at Worthing Leisure Centre by our wonderful team of FoodPioneer Bee Keepers.

Liz, Polly, Violet, Tony, Neels and the team were very pleased to report on four thriving, active and healthy hives. Stores, space and brood looking good.

Our beautiful Queen Bees 'Beeyonce and Latifah' are the biggest and busiest of the colonies. Latifah, as always, is a force to behold...Queen Agatha seemed very chilled today as is typical of her character. Broodica - who was requeened last year with brood from Agatha - seemed calm this week. We will keep a close eye on these two to ensure they are still the mean Queen Bees we need for developing the hives.

Our next steps are the supers and getting the spare hives ready so we can add space or split the colony as and when needed. It's going to be BEE a busy summer for the collective.

Please consider a small show of support for our new Bees&Seas community beekeeping project, pollination hub and educational training space at Brooklands by donating to our crowdfunder. 



Bees&Seas 'Mini Eco Park' Featured Worthing Herald

The FoodPiooners  team are incredibly proud to have our latest Bees&Seas project featured in the Worthing Herald:

''Adur & Worthing Councils said hives will be one feature of the new space, along with a small orchard, herb garden, wildlife habitats, bug hotel and planting schemes. And at the centre of the project, called Bees&Seas, will be new shipping containers, donated by Lancing-based Sussex Transport. These will be used as classrooms and workshops spaces to help people understand the importance of encouraging biodiversity to help green spaces thrive and help in the fight against climate change, the councils said''

Our Project is flying ahead! In February volunteers visited the site and scattered some wild flowers to make a start on planting forage for the bees. Early March the wonderful Damian Pulford and his team at Sussex Transport removed the old broken containers - for recycling. A week later the Rangers at The Council cleared the yard of all heavy rubbish and waste. What a difference! And JUST YESTERDAY we are very excited to report that two brand new containers, donated by Sussex Transport, were transported and safely delivered on site. The beating heart of this project: one container will be transformed into a classroom and workshop space. The other used for storage of educational material and vital bee-keeping equipment.

Next stages:

  • The wonderful people at Creative Waves are working on design and creatives to add the wow factor to our pollinations Hub.
  • The fabulous Freinds At Brooklands Park are coordinating small volunteers groups to start transforming the space - from next week.
  • Planting, collecting, seeding, growing - huge effort going on behind the scene to fill those green roofs and eco spaces.
  • Preparing the hives. The Worthing Honey Collective will select a Queen Bee and her worker bee colony for their imminent arrival.
  • Log hives and bees will be installed at the site - once the new containers are designed and windows built in.

There are still sponsorship opportunities left! Enabling us to equip a shipping container with furniture, green space, classroom, eco-power and workshop resources. There are sponsorships also for two large green roofs on the containers - for pollinator forage. Please help support our community project by donating through our crowdfunder or contact us directly to discuss in detail.

Feb: Early Site Visit
March: Old Containers out. Rubbish Cleared.
Measuring Up for Design.
March: New Containers IN!

Lorry Full of Slow Cookers for Our Community

We are so grateful to all our fabulous FoodPioneer supporters out there for backing the One Pot Project.

The pandemic has left many people out of work or struggling to get by on reduced incomes and referrals to food banks have increased significantly.  As a result, some have no choice but to eat cold food, or meals that require only a kettle or microwave. Distributing slow cookers is a great solution to create healthy, hearty meals and will help those experiencing food and fuel poverty. BIG THANKS to The Worthing Herald for running this article on The One Pot Project and helping us exceed our crowd funding goal.

By March 25th 'The One Pot Slow Cooker Appeal'  successfully raised £1,330 with 52 supporters in 42 days! Over exceeding our target...

Last week on the 27th March we were able to collect a LORRY FULL of slow cookers ready for their new home. Huge thank you to Robert Dyas in Worthing for securing the slow cookers, to the Worthing Lions for donating slow cookers and recipes and to the Sidney Walter Centre for storing these little cooking machines. Finally, a massive thank you  to the team at Morrisons and their Community Matters Ambassador, Joanne, who very kindly supplied hundreds of herbs, stock cubes and wooden spoons which will be going out with the cookers.

Milestone today - just 4 days later we have started the delivery campaign! Ed Kilroy, Emma Baars and the team (pictured above) are out and about in the local community starting delivery of over 300 slow cookers to those in financial difficulty. More updates to follow soon...


Bees&Seas Buzzing with Spacehive Funding

We have launched our Spacehive Crowdfunder to raise 'much needed' funding for our new Bees&Seas project!  Working alongside Friends of Brooklands Park and Creative Waves - we aim to create a community beekeeping project, pollination hub and educational training space in the heart of Brooklands Park. This area is currently a disused urban council yard (which sits outside the local council's Brooklands master plan) and we need your help to transform it into an attractive ecological, natural asset for the local community!

We have been incredibly lucky to have gathered the support of 8 wonderful backers to get this project set up and off the ground. We really need additional funding to bring the project alive, maintain the hives, develop the green space and, importantly, run a series of workshops for the local community. Please help us support your local environment by donating through Spacehive. Any funding will directly help us to:

- Build an enclosed area to safely host three community beehives
- Create suitable habitats and foraging grounds for bees and other pollinators
- Build a community hub for educational and community activity
- Deliver an education programme with regular workshops for young people and families throughout the year
- Create small product ranges from the beehives for the local community - with all profits reinvested in the project

In addition to the Crowdfunder, we have bespoke donation opportunities available. You or your business can sponsor anything from beehives and bug hotels to green roofs and the educational hub. Please contact us if this is something that interests you - we would love to hear from you.