Everything we do at FoodPioneers is about bringing people together for a positive impact, be it personally for the people involved, for the wider community or for the environment.

Below are a few happy stories of what has happened during some of our adventures with various projects.


The royal arrival of three new queens!

Worthing Honey Collective’s favourite day of the year (apart from when we get our first honey!) We couldn’t let World Bee Day day go by without some activity to celebrate, even if we are in lockdown! Families across East Worthing rose to the challenge and painted our new hives for the Royal arrivals of three new Queens. We asked you to name them and the top three choices were Beeyonce, Broodica and Florence, recognising the fantastic work of nurses in the NHS.

This film shows us welcoming Florence and settling her in to her awesomely painted palace.

On World Bee Day we also gave away packets of wildflower seeds so that people as far away as Wales can sow them and create pollinator havens. Imagine what a difference it would make if we all just planted or wilded 1 metre square in our gardens and communities. 


Lockdown is a challenging time for all of us, even more so when you’re shielding, unable to go out and might not have friends and family nearby to help out. To cheer up our friends at Lovett Court and the surrounding area we asked Worthing families, work colleagues and Downsbrook School to create Easter cards with personal messages and they responded beautifully as you can see. Thank you to all of you talented young artists. To make it a proper ‘Feel Good Friday’ we delivered Fish n’ Chips and Easter eggs, which were donated by Waitrose to 47 happy people.

Easter Cards April 2020


A Community Effort

Sunday gatherings with our friends at Lovett Court are on hold due to COVID-19 however where there’s a will there’s a way and with the help of volunteers Fran and Neil, some social distancing and PPE, (which included the fantastic masks made by Petra, aka Ninja Needle Craft – check her out on Facebook), we managed to offer a doorstep roast delivery service. We were bowled over by the lovely messages we received sellotaped to the plates we collected afterwards.

A huge thank you to Waitrose for the veg donation, Fish Factory for the loan of the saucepans and roasting trays, Donna Butler for the glorious home baked Victoria sponge cakes and chefs Stuart and Richard for the beef cooking tips and loan of a proper carving knife!


Bringing people together to celebrate the sea

We were thrilled to receive this feedback from a participant following The Algaenarium in  June 2019. “The Algaenarium weekend made a really positive difference for our whole family in many ways.  Our daughter was able to learn about and explore marine species through the medium of art, we both enjoyed learning about the skin healing properties of seaweed and could make our own scrubs. The educational videos and talks made a big difference in our knowledge of seaweed and marine life and the story-telling was superb.  My husband and our daughter were also involved in the organised beach clean. We really came together as a family and with the wider community, stayed the whole weekend and had lots of fun.  After the weekend I felt very creative and inspired by the event”.


Swarm of bees found and moved to a safe place

Coincidentally, on World Bee Day in 2019 we rescued our first ever heart shaped swarm of bees from a goal post at Worthing Leisure Centre. Not wanting to alarm the footy players any longer we collected them up and gave them a lovely new Worthing Honey Collective home.

Bringing people together over food

Fear of fish overcome

In 2018 be held a community BBQ as part of the Last Fisherman Standing Project to encourage people to eat more fresh fish. The response from people was fantastic and in particular from one woman who had this to say “…want to thank everyone this afternoon for a truly wonderful time, we went along spoke to complete strangers, shared food, got to learn how to fillet fish, and tasted the best fresh fish ever cooked to perfection on the bbq. I have a fear of fresh fish due to having a bone stuck in my throat as a child. Today 40 odd years later I tried again and I’m loving it…

For us, that is what it is all about when we bring people together over food!