Feb 21: Debs Butler, Nadia Chalk and Damian Pulford at the Bees&Seas site | Before the Transformation…

Mar 21: Old containers out, yard cleared, seeds planted, brand new containers In…

May 21: Wild Log Hive Installed

Bees & Seas

The Bees&Seas is a local project born from our common passion for ‘wildlife’ and ‘connecting communities’ with nature across land and sea. Two lovely social enterprises – Friends of Brooklands Park and Creative Waves have come together with our team at FoodPioneers combining expertise, skill and passion to create a community beekeeping project, pollination hub and educational training space in the heart of Brooklands Park.  The council recently awarded us a disused urban council yard that sits outside the local council’s Brooklands master plan. And we plan to transform it throughout 2021!

The Project Vision

The  Mission is to help educate, engage and connect the local community with nature, conservation and pollinators through a series of exciting activities, events, workshops and projects that  cater to the evolving needs of the local environment around us. Our project goals:

  • Transform a degraded industrial site into an ecological, natural asset for the local community
  • Inspire mind-set change to value pollinators, green space and the role of the humble bee in building environmental resilience
  • Connect people through community programmes and volunteering opportunities to champion nature and pollinators
  • To create a positive environmental and pollinator culture by sustaining the hub far into the future
  • To grow the local pollinator footprint through increased hives numbers connecting the downs to the sea

The Project Highlights

  • Create climate resilient eco pollinator gardens
  • Create five pollinator friendly bug hotels
  • Plant fruit trees in our mobile skip garden
  • Plant 60m of native hedgerow edging to support a diverse range of wildlife
  • Set up three beehives. Train volunteer beekeepers and run educational sessions
  • Create a shipping container classroom with green roofs that will provide food for pollinators year-round
  • Train up a minimum of five volunteer beekeepers with support from the local beekeeping societies
  • Run six educational sessions with schools within the next 12 months
  • Recruit and train up a diverse team of at least 20 regular volunteers
  • Hold at least ten new events for the local community within the next 12 months, when restrictions are lifted

Project Progress

Project progress is flying ahead. Throughout March, our headline sponsor and the wonderful team at ‘Sussex Transport’ removed the old damaged shipping containers and transported in two brand new ones. In April, the fabulous people at ‘Adur and Worthing Council’ cleared the yard of heavy waste and old rubbish heaps. In spring, the design team at Creative Waves started painting the the classroom and bee equipment containers. ‘Bee World’ will be ready very soon. The ‘Friends of Brooklands Park’ team have made great progress with seed and plug collections, building wooden planters and planting to expand the green space. There are big plans afoot for green roofs and pollinator forage.  Groups of local volunteers started transforming the space, as soon as restrictions were lifted in April. The Worthing Honey Collective beekeepers have been preparing two hives of bees for onward delivery to the new Brooklands Apiary this summer. Please follow our blog for exciting project updates!

Project Funding 

Our Spacehive Crowdfunder raised much needed funds for this new Bees&Seas project. We are incredibly grateful to our funders, backers and sponsors for the recent donations that have been received. Every amount has been allocated to a project goal, allowing us to transform the site at Brooklands for local people and wildlife.

Bees and Seas FREE Summer Fun Event 

This additional funding, has allowed us to plan a series of FREE family fun summer activities at our Bees and Seas Event in celebration of National Bee day ! We are hosting a series of events, shows, talks and stalls at Brooklands Park from Friday 20th August through to Sunday 22nd August. The theme this year is building back better for bees: focusing on actions for restoring, supporting and enhancing the role of these important little pollinators.

We feel very passionately about inspiring local children to learn more about pollinating insects and the vital role they play in the food chain. Please do get in touch with us, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities and we would love to hear from you! 

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