Neptune’s Larder

Our Neptune’s Larder project celebrates an ancient superfood, and source of nutrition, sea and soil health. Through seaweed beach walks, cookery courses and making all kinds of seaweed products, we share this amazing sustainable seafood with locals and visitors to Worthing.

In June 2019, we created a pop-up seaweed spa on Worthing beach and plan similar events for the future.

Worthing’s historical relationship with seaweed is contentious—the town used to have an abundance of it washed up on our beaches, and farmers used to take it to fertilise their fields.

Seaweed underwater
Seaweed Underwater

The Wonder of Seaweed

Seaweed is the most highly mineralized vegetable on earth, accumulating and concentrating minerals directly from the sea. Research is ongoing into just how bio-available these nutrients are when eaten by humans. But there’s little doubt that regular consumption of seaweed is, in general, exceedingly good for us. Some seaweeds (most notably dulse) come closer than any other wild food to providing a fully balanced diet from one organism.

More than half of the oxygen we breathe comes from marine plants, like phytoplankton and seaweed. Both use carbon dioxide, water and energy from the sun to make food for themselves, releasing oxygen in the process. Every second breath we take is from oxygen produced by marine photosynthesisers.

Over the past decades seaweed has been under serious threat—climate change, seabed dredging and fishing boat trawling have destroyed enormous amounts of seaweed growing on the floor of the ocean.

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