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You may have heard about the serious threat to bee-life and pollinators in the news.

We believe that creating forage for pollination is one of the most important biological processes on the planet, as pollination fertilises and produces the next generation of plants including the fruit and crops that we all eat. Importantly, increasing the green space around us is vital in combating climate change as plants and soil absorb carbon emissions from the air.

Did you know one out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollination? Or that in one worker bee’s lifetime, she’ll produce just 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey? The Worthing Honey Collective, set up by We Are FoodPioneers, is our response to this growing bee and pollinator crisis. Worthing’s first community-supported beehive and pollination programme.

We aim to:

  • help set up and train people to maintain beehives across the rooftops and gardens of Worthing town.
  • increase vital pollinators in our neighbourhood
  • educate people of all ages in the local community on the food chain, pollination and the vital role of bees
  • to increasingly provide forage and support for bees.

We currently have several hives across sites in Worthing, supported and maintained by our team of amazing volunteer beekeepers. This would not be possible without funding and support from partners including Rampion Wind Farm, South Downs Leisure, Worthing Community Chest, West Sussex County Council and the Town Centre Initiative.

2019 Bumper Crop

2019 was a bumper crop for the Collective, with honey made by our bee colonies headed up by three queens: Agatha, Houdini and Victoria (we like to name our queen bees!). Gratitude to the bees for all their hard and tireless work. As a result, our very own Worthing honey plus a range of other delicious honey related products was available to buy from our online shop and other outlets. With all profits going back to the running and growing of our community project. Excitingly we set up and now run the Brood Chamber: an informal, community monthly group meeting where residents can learn more about bees, pollinators and beekeeping – and eventually join the Collective to look after the hives.

2020 The Hives Grow In Number

Despite the pandemic, our hives multiplied and our volunteers were very busy looking after seven Queen Bees! Queen Broodica, Beeyonce, Latifah and Florence were added to the Worthing Honey Collective family. All our queens worked hard to build their colonies and the honey harvesting was fantastic. We sold a range of honey products to the local community including pots of honey, sting film, lip balms, honey chocolate and candles. Throughout the year we sourced a new rooftop apiary, ran workshops, designed and ‘coloured up’ the existing apiary, and created pollinator and green space for forage – to name but a few activities. Building bug hotels and seed bombing with the children was truly one of our highlights. We gratefully received a huge wave of support from the local community. Restrictions may have curtailed activity but that did not stop us collaborating with our Worthing community to develop an exciting programme for 2021.

2021 The Collective Grows. Project Bees and Seas Launched

Our Queen Agatha and Victoria are still growing strong at 3 years old now. Queen Broodica, Beeyonce, Latifah and Florence continue to thrive and build colonies.  The Pollinator footprint is growing. AND, our trainee beekeeper community continues to expand, now that volunteering activity has resumed and restrictions have eased.  Read our blog for all the exciting progress with our seven queens during this very busy season….

Towards the end of 2020 we were awarded a new site to set up a community beekeeping, pollination and education space. After a year of restrictions, this was the best news we could have received. We are committed in putting Worthing on the map as a place where pollinators in the community matter. Working together to make the town a more inclusive, supportive, ecological, vibrant and diverse place to live. Hence The Bees and Seas Project was launched. We especially want to inspire local schools, community groups, colleges, local businesses, residents (OK, that’s everyone then!…) to learn and understand more about pollinating insects and the vital role they play in putting food on our plates. Please follow our News page for all the exciting updates, bee inspections, wildflower appeals, volunteering news, project milestones and community posts.

Do get in touch if you would like to volunteer. We would love to hear from you.

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