Worthing Honey Collective

Did you know that one out of every three mouthfuls of our food depend on pollination taking place? Many people nowadays are aware of the threat of pollinator decline but don’t know how best to support pollinators in their daily lives.

In response to this, FoodPioneers created The Worthing Honey Collective, the first community supported beehive and pollination programme, with the aim to increase vital pollinators through beehives across the rooftops and gardens of our town, and educate people of all ages on what they can do to provide forage and support for bees. We currently have seven hives across sites in Worthing which are supported and maintained by our team of volunteer beekeepers, with funding and support from our partners who include Rampion Wind Farm, South Downs Leisure, Worthing Community Chest, West Sussex County Council and the Town Centre Initiative.

We run the “Brood Chamber”, an informal monthly group meeting to learn more about bees, beekeeping and other pollinators to enable local residents to eventually join the Collective looking after the hives.

Our very own Worthing honey, and a range of other honey related products will be available to buy from our online shop and other outlets, with profits going back into running the project.

Our 2019 bumper crop of honey

In 2019 our honey was made by our colonies of bees headed up by Queen bees Agatha, Houdini and Victoria (we like to name the Queen bees!) Gratitude to the bees for all their hard and tireless work.

Did you know in one worker bee’s lifetime she will produce on average just 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey?!

2020 and beyond

We’re developing and co-creating with our Worthing Community and building an exciting programme for 2020. If you have ideas or activities you’d like to develop with us please get in touch. It’s a collective effort. We’re making and selling local hive products to support our programme of opportunities to get involved, which enable us to create even more pollinator friendly environments and put Worthing on the map as a place where pollinators in community matter.

We seek to engage local schools, community groups, colleges, local businesses and residents in activities to further our knowledge and understanding of pollinating insects and the vital role they play in putting food on our plates. Please get in touch we’d love to hear from you.

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